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If you uninstall the display driver then Windows will try to reinstall the driver the next time it reboots. No, but you have to install the complete GemSAFE software on your computer. Simply press the button to enter Bluetooth mode, or press and hold to pair a new Bluetooth device. The installation may require administrator privileges if you are working on a ‘company’ computer, contact your IT department and ask them to install the driver and program for you. If you have a remote desktop connection (e.g. Citrix), you must logout and download and run the drivers and program on your local desktop only. Do not connect the desktop USB card reader to your computer until you have installed all the required drivers and programs. Enter the authorization code on the screen when prompted.

USB external card readers are also available, and are far better supported by Linux. In the past, PM3 and PM4 users could use an external USB LogCard reader to maintain and transfer LogCard data with the Concept2 Utility.

Microsoft and Apple have made changes to their operating systems and these USB card readers are no longer compatible. Also, both OmniKey and Athena have changed their designs and they are no longer supporting the type of memory card that Concept2 used since 2003.

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Card reader drivers can become corrupted or stop functioning correctly, and new drivers and firmware are occasionally released to address issues. New firmware for your memory card reader might be available that could resolve the particular issue you are having. But as we’ve already said, you can download the Windows 8 driver for your hardware and it should work. If you’ve just installed Windows on a PC or plugged in a peripheral and something isn’t working properly, it’s time to get the official drivers from the manufacturer’s download site.

Most comprehensive card reader ever, supports all popular memory cards including microSD and M2 without adapters. Plug-and-play smart card reader for online banking, digital signature with ID card and other smart card Way2Call Audio cards Drivers update applications. 4 port USB 3.0 HUB gathers all USB data connections in one easy accessible place. Smart card reader for secure 24 / 7 online access to commercial and public services Two charging ports provide up to 2.4 A for smart phone or tablet fast charging. location, it is possible that your card reader does not work with Linux due to driver issues. The best solution is to directly connect your device (camera, cell phone, etc.) to a USB port on the computer.

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The Tachomaster software that you download from this web site is the program that sends and synchronises all of your data with the Tachomaster Internet servers. You only need this program to be installed on your local computers that are used for reading drivers cards or analogue tachograph charts . All digital tachograph driver card readers require additional software to enable them to read digital tachograph cards. Please see our Soloplus and Smartanalysis products for further info, or purchase a Soloplus kit which includes all you need to get started.