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For more information, refer to Section 16.5 and the OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual. Table 16-1 Definitions of Physical and Selective System Dumps Type Description Physical dump Writes the entire contents of physical memory to the system dump file.

  • If you aren’t comfortable working with the system memory dumps yourself, you can share them with a technician who can usually quickly analyze them and diagnose your system’s problem.
  • When a computer in your business experiences a "blue screen of death," it usually means that there is a severe problem with your computer.
  • WinDbg reads the file for you and, in many cases, will automatically suggest the problem without requiring any user commands.
  • To analyze your dump files yourself, though, you can download and configure a free debugging tool from Microsoft called WinDbg.

Selective dump Stores those portions of memory most likely to be useful in crash dump analysis. The contents of error log buffers are also written to the error log dump file. The error log dump file is provided so that the system can be updated on reboot to include error log entries that were created but not written at the time of a system crash. However, on my Windows 7 system, the number of files dropped from 54,524 to 47,454, and the size of the WinSxS folder dropped from 11.1 GB to 7.86 GB — a modest gain of 3.24 GB of hard disk space. Windows saves old versions of files that have been updated by a service pack.

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If you used the Windows operating system back in the Windows 9x days, you’re familiar with the term DLL Hell. This situation arose when you installed different programs that included updated versions of Dynamic Link Library files with the same name as files already on the system. These duplicate files would wreak havoc with applications and the operating system. For example, an application would look for a specific version of a DLL file, but find a newer version that was recently updated by another program.

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This program also lets you schedule cleaning automatically, which will free up disk space and speed up your computer without you having to do anything during the process. The Windows upgrade program will save previous Windows installation files in the Windows.old folder, which can clutter up your computer over time. There will come a time during the life of your PC that you will run out of space — no matter how large the hard drive is. Old files can easily clutter the most spacious hard drive, and you’ll need to clear them out to make room for new stuff. This will not only increase storage space but also improve the performance of your PC. While not encouraged, you may be able to shrink or disable your page file (pagefile.sys), which allows Windows to use some of your drive space as system memory.

If you delete the files, you won’t be able to uninstall the service pack later. Windows stores file versions temporarily on this disk before copying them to physxloader.dll the designated File History disk. If you delete these files, you will lose some file history. Rather than just jumping straight into the Windows Update Cleanup feature, let’s take a closer look at the Disk Cleanup tool as a whole and then delve into the new feature. While this is a pretty simplified description of the WinSxS folder, the general idea I want to convey is the WinSxS folder can grow so large that it takes up a good chunk of hard disk space. The problem gets compounded by the fact that, because the WinSxS folder is used to store so many files, really old files or files that are no longer necessary can still be taking up hard disk space. WinSxS is short for Windows Side-by-Side and refers to using files with the same name but with different version numbers at the same time in the operating system.

Since the version was different, the application would act strangely or crash altogether. I had the same problem and read millions of pages explaning delete this that and those but none of them help me to find UNKNOWN files eating space in my disk. Yes, if you have another crash and a dump file is created you will have that as a disk cleanup option. CCleaner securely erases files, tracking cookies, browser history, passwords, and sensitive files, and it’s super easy to install.